Zantac Recall - A Major Success For The Industry

The Zantac recall was announced in September of 2020. This is the supplement that's used to help with asthma attacks during the middle of the day. However, it's also been known to be used as a sleeping pill.

This brand-name product was manufactured by Sandoz and was distributed by J.P. Myers. This means that this product has been involved in at least five different recall affects from its use.

First, there was a recall affect for the brand-name Zantac. This resulted in the removal of these products from the shelves of pharmacy stores in the United States. One death has been reported from this drug in this recall. The cause of this death hasn't been determined, however, it's been ruled out that it was caused by the ingredients of this product. Do check out this website for options on pharma recalls now. 

The next recall was in regards to the generic drug makers that are involved with this product. Novafen was recalled in September of 2020 due to reports of esophageal cancer. The ingredient used in this drug was hydrocodone, which is also known as Valium. This is an active ingredient that can potentially cause cancer. This is the reason why this was the product that was being recalled.

The next recall happened in October of 2020, when it was announced that the generic drug makers that are involved with the manufacturing of Perrigo, which was marketed under several different names, had conducted another recall. This time, they were recalling Perrigo over-the-counter ranitidine products. This comes as a result of reports of deaths from this drug, which was previously being distributed in other countries. It was also said that there might be problems relating to the integrity of the pills.

These are all three recalls reveals that Zantac is working to remove all unsafe levels of its ranitidine products. However, despite this, one more recall has been issued. This time, it has been revealed that one of the benztropine components used in Zantac was determined to be responsible for the deaths of seven people who took the medication while swimming. This is considered to be an extremely high risk to consumers, and no one who takes the medication should be using it while swimming. Do give this a click to learn more about pharma recall info now. 

A total of eight different companies had to pay a lot of money after a number of women died after taking Zantac. These included two who drowned and one who passed away at the beach. All the other individuals who died had no prior medical conditions that would have caused them to be at risk, and yet they took this medication. There were also other individuals who developed stomach ulcers after taking the medication. There are two people who died in the United States of America as a direct result of their taking Zantac.

Because of this, the pharmaceutical company that made this product and a number of other companies decided to issue a recall. This recall involves a number of different products, and they include Zantac Serenade, Zantac Intensify, Zantac Premier, Zantac Express, and Zantac Encore. All these products have been individually recalled, and this article will provide information on the specifics of each recall. If you happen to have any of these products, you need to contact your doctor or health care provider immediately. A voluntary recall comes into effect once a large quantity of drugs has been distributed, and the details of each recall can be found in the Pharmaceutical Safety Database.

Novitort Serenade, Zantac, and Other Zantac recalled | recalls | drug | recalled | also | products} The Zantac recall is being handled by Sandvine pharmaceuticals, and the affected products were distributed between September of last year until April of this year. The reason why this happened was because an incorrect dose of the drug was distributed. An incorrect amount of this drug became mixed with other drugs. This means that this recall affects a lot of people, and as such it needs to be taken seriously by everyone.

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